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Guide on Australian Food Trends for 2023

Do you have a restaurant business in Gold Coast, QLD? The city is crazy for delicious and authentic food, and that’s why restaurant owners keep evolving their ideas to deliver the best food and dining experience.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has changed. People are more concerned about the cleanliness aspects or prefer home deliveries over live dining at the restaurant.  So, this new year, the food and beverage sector of Australia has taken the responsibility to attract more and more people by following the latest trends.

Many experts have predicted top Australian food, beverage and restaurant trends that will bring revolution in 2023.

Let’s Get Started!


  1. Restaurant As Engaging Dinner Parties

In today’s era, people are shifting more towards comfortable and relaxed dining experience. Of course, fine dining gives a different feel, but people want to eat at the comfort of their home. So, many restaurants have altered their ambience to make you feel like you are dining in a home.

There are many restaurants on the Gold Coast, QLD where 20-34 guests start with appetizers in a living room while enjoying their chit-chats. Some places have maximum 20-seats of space to give that warmth and comfort so that guests can enjoy their food with loved ones.


  1. Chef-Oriented Restaurants

Many chefs have lost their jobs in the global pandemic. So, the community has taken their skills to the next level and looking for opportunities where they can adore their kitchens and start up their own restaurants across Australia. They will open restaurants or cloud kitchens that will reflect their skills, heritage, and unique personalities. Since chefs have years of experience in this industry, they know the nerves of food lovers and that’s why they can generate good revenues if focus on their marketing strategies as well. It is important to improve your restaurant’s social media presence and you can upload quick recipes as well to attract more customers.


  1. Italian Deli Sandwiches

It is impossible to ignore the obsession with sandwiches on the Gold Coast. This has encouraged restaurant owners to continue with Italian Deli Sandwiches. Many are planning to open a takeaway business to sell different varieties of sandwiches because locals and tourists are loving the Italian flavours.



  1. Offal Will be in Trend

Many restaurants in Queensland will make a huge turn from slow-cooked meat to actual offal. They will be serving different recipes of chicken offal. Grilling over coals like Japanese does will make a huge difference.  The heart and other organs of chicken will be served in bar snacks and other menus.


  1. Community Dining

This is also one of the most predicted food trends in 2023. There will be a huge shift from comfort food into community dining as well as drinking.

Everyone wants to socialise after the hard-hit of COVID-19 pandemic. This has anticipated restaurant owners to do something unusual and organise community dining ambience where more and more people come and enjoy different activities, such bars, bowling, a beer garden, and much more.

From dining precincts to food halls and busy breweries have already been locked in for 2023, and this will take the food industry to the new heights. Make sure you minimise food wastage as much as possible because large gatherings may have these problems and you need to keep these things in mind for higher revenues.


  1. Lesser-Popular Asian Cuisines on the Menu

The love for food is getting global. Young and passionate chefs all around the world have been introducing cuisines or recipes that are not much popular but taste amazing. Everyone in Australia knows about the Thai cuisine, Japanese and Chinese food and even Korean dishes. So, the New Year will be dedicated to the lesser-known Asian cuisines, such as Cambodian dishes, Vietnamese-based food menu and much more.


  1. Japanese Cuisine is Trending

There is no denying that Kapanophilia will be a buzz in 2023. The Japanese-themed restaurants and cuisines were in high demand last year. Plus, there will be new openings in different parts of Australia.

From mocha-wrapped gelato to unagi rice bowls and different flavours of Sushi, all are in trend these days. Some of the popular restaurants will be Hikari cafe, Sakedokoro Namara and much more. If you want to explore more about Japanese cuisines, have a look at the menu of these restaurants.



These are some of the most popular food and restaurant predictions for 2023 that will give you exceptional dining experience and treat your different taste buds. You can also look for the best restaurant in Gold Coast if you are planning for a combination of good food and fine dining experience.

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