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Food Trends Set To Rule Kitchen in 2017

Food is the new fashion. Yes, you read it right. Today, when most of the people are fitness freak and work-out regularly. However, it is important to intake a specific type of diet to maintain the body. The highly polluted atmosphere has increased the risk of illness by a huge margin. Thus, it is important to stay protected from infection.
The changes in food trends every year marks the danger of unhealthy environment that can cause death in some cases as well. Read the list of food trends for this year and keep your family and loved ones away from the bad health.

  1. Sugar-Free Diet

Excessive intake of sugar in the routine diet may cause diseases like Alzheimer, Blood Sugar, Cardiovascular disease, tooth cavities, and obesity. Hence, this year people will be opting for natural sweetener instead of adding crystal looking sugar cubes to their everyday diet.

  1. Milk

The parents prefer making milkshakes, smoothies and cold coffee to make sure that children should drink the sufficient amount of milk. The proteins and calcium properties of milk strengthen bones. There is a variety of flavored milk available in the market. Such as almond milk, soy milk, banana milk, cow milk and buffalo milk. You can drink which ever milk type suits your health.

  1. Home –Cooking

The previous year witnessed a huge rise in apps offering online order for food. This service encouraged people to eat food brought from restaurants and cafes. Too much of the outside food is not good for health. Thus, people this year will prefer to bite in home-cooked food as it is clean and healthy.

  1. Seafood

Seafood is the most loved in countries with seashores. This type of cuisine includes fresh sea fish, prawns, octopus, crabs and lobsters. But, the year 2017 will take seafood to the next level, where food-lovers will taste seaweed, dulse, wakame and laver things. Seafood has lots of health benefits such as it is good for eyes, skin, hairs and brain.

  1. Butter & Cheese

People stayed away from these two tempting food ingredients for being health-conscious. But, this year people will fell in love with butter and cheese again. Now, people have known the smarter way of including these two fatty produce in regular diet. Hence, get ready to bite-in your favorite sandwiches this year while maintaining the fitness.

  1. Native & Leafy Veggies

Fitness freak people have already added kale to their routine diet chart to stay healthy. But, this year people will enjoy the rustic flavors of Carrots, Radish, and other green leafy vegetables. Intake of Broccoli, Romaine, Swiss Chard, Arugula and Bok Choy will enhance the taste of your palate. Bite in more of green leafy vegetables to stay young and healthy.

  1. Tea Above Coffee

The awareness about right eating habits has taken the world by wave. Yes, to enhance the quality of health, this year people will give-up on their coffee drinking habit. And will switching to drinking of herbal tea in their routine. A lot of the companies are offering flavors of herbal tea such as green tea, lemon tea, etc.

  1. Purple Food

Purple colored food is trending this year because of their anti-oxidant properties. Food lovers are giving new dimensions to the regular food eating habit by including purple cabbage and brinjal to their diet.

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