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Lummy’s Chinese Restaurant Review

Chines food is considered as one of the most desirable dishes across the world. You can find Chinese restaurants almost everywhere, from New york to Gold Coast and even in the crowded streets of India. Chinese food is considered as a tasty delicacy that is good for health as well. With it’s affordable cost, it has become one of the most popular dinner meals for your family.

In Gold Coast, Chinese foods are gaining more popularity by serving more customer via delivery than Dine-in’s. Many such restaurants are getting popular and getting most of their order from delivery everyday, one such Local Chinese Restaurant is Lummy’s Chinese Delivery from Gold Coast.

If you like Chinese food then this is one restaurant to look at. They have been running for 3 generations now, this small Chinese restaurant in gold coast, attract the attention of a lot of foodies. Some of their most important dishes being.


Black Pepper Beef

This mouth watering black pepper beef is simply too desirable. from those small delicious stir friend veggies to the juice pieces of beef. This is one of the Most popular beef dish in the restaurant. Being offered for only $15.50! Order a large combination fried rice and get a delicious affordable meal for 2 for under $28.


Honey Chicken

Honey chicken is by far the most popular Chinese dish in Australia, almost every one i meet say that they have tried this Chinese delicacy. If you love honey chicken then trying it from lummy’s will blow your mind, not only do they have the traditional honey chicken, but they even have the Honey Chilli chicken for chilli lovers. Once eaten, you cannot escape from it, you will carve for it.

Beef in Black Bean

There’s no Chinese restaurant in gold coast that doesn’t server this dish. Beef in Black Bean one of Lummy’s speciality! With a price of just $14:50 you can get your hands on this treat.

They are open all 7 days a week for delivery from 5:00PM to 10:00PM Give them a call at 07 5578 6088, mention and get the following deals:

  • A 10% Discount for your first order!
  • Get a free Prawn Chips or a 1.2L soft drink for order $40 or above
  • For $100+ you get a Prawn chip and a Soft drink for Free!

Try out Lummys and get your free deals, you can even order online from their website, mention Buzo Restaurant in the Comments and get your an Extra Pawn chip for free! No minimum spend required!

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