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How to get Reviews and Testimonials for your Business?

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about the small scale businesses or the large scale corporations, the reviews and the testimonials of the clients matter a lot. Yes, their impact on the small and medium scale businesses would be far greater than large business houses.

But it is quite unfortunate to know that there are many good small enterprises operating online that in spite of good performance unable to reach the best reviews of their clients. The reason being, not knowing how to get reviews and testimonials for the business. Here, we will try to throw some light on multiple ways by which your business could acquire reviews and testimonials, and attain the spotlight that it truly deserves.

Setting up profiles on various review sites

There are some of the sites could turn out to be relevant to your business, including Google Local, LinkedIn, Yahoo Local. Some of the websites offer the facility of city wise distribution of the reviews, for instance, review from Sydney, testimonial of a user from Perth, etc. It will ensure the diversification and authenticity of the reviews.


Take direct customer feedback

Just ask your customer! A smart and loyal customer always understands the importance of reviews. If the end user is highly pleased with the services or products offered by you, then you need not hesitate to seek their written or recorded feedback. After the feedback intake, ask the customer to deliver the same review in one or more trustworthy review sites. And don’t forget to say that you more than appreciate their kind gesture.

A token of gratitude

A verbal acknowledgment of the review is one thing, but many customers would like to enjoy a few perks from the company’s side as well. So if feasible, try to offer a discount coupon code or a freebie to the top reviewer of the site. It will help you to maintain a more satisfied and loyal clientele. If a good client is taking time out of his or her busy schedule to offer a legitimate yet rave reviews, then you can show a professional courtesy by offering some extra incentive from your end.

Provide an easy channel to leave reviews

Only a dissatisfied client (who want to avenge his/her negative experience) tries harder to locate the right review portal to submit his/ her fury. Most of the other users do not take much pain in searching for sources where they can put their review about the company or the product. It is a genuine customer tendency. If you wish them to post a review for you, then you ought to make it simpler. Nobody will come back after a week or two to see where they can put down their review. You have to help them do it instantly! The easiest way is by providing direct links to your profiles for reviews and testimonials on multiple places like the website, follow-up email or newsletter.

Involvement of work processes

Encourage your sales employees to ask for the customer’s feedback. In order to motivate them to perform better, you can offer them cash incentives. The number of cash bonuses could be increased as per more favorable reviews, like, for instance, $100 for three reviews; $600 for 15 reviews and so on.

Don’t buy them on YouTube and Facebook

There are many sources that would try to offer you fake reviews through Facebook Page or video reviews on YouTube. It is always recommended no to get involved in one such campaign. It is always better to keep the services, prices and reviews as transparent as possible. That would help you and your business in a long run.

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